Monday, May 24, 2010

Draining Problem (Answer)

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Judging from the age of your house and the symptoms you described, you probably have a clogged or collapsed yard drain. The drain line for the sewer runs from your house to the street, where it connects to the public sewer system. These lines can be crushed from tree roots or get clogged over time.
The reason that the drains only clog when you use a lot of water is because the lines are only partially blocked. Under light use, the drains can handle the water without backing up. With heavy use, the lines fill faster than the partially clogged drain can drain.
For a temporary fix, you can buy some drain line cleaning crystals that you can flush down the toilet. But the best way to fix this is to have a plumber clean and scope the drain.
If they tell you that you have “Orangeburg” pipe, you will need it replaced. Orangeburg is the brand name of a bituminous fiber sewer pipe material that was made by rolling tar and paper into the shape of a tube. The pipe tends to deteriorate with age and no longer maintains a round interior circumference. The pipe can be further damaged with the use of routers. These pipes also are susceptible to damage from plant roots.


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